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Monday, June 3, 2013

Rembrandt light

 Rembrandt light?
You know what it is?

1. light comes from the sight.
2. 2/3 of the face is in the dark, 1/3 is lightened....
3....yet not totally. There is also light under the eye and around the mouth.
4. The effect is that a portrait is not so mysterious as if 2/3 of the face would be in the shadow.

One must work really precisely if one wants to create such an effect. Ye it's worth the work.

Saturday, June 1, 2013

I've got the music in me....

Portrait - light from the side

Yesterday in the afternoon I took this picture.
Later in the evening I read about portraits and light from the side in the book "Gestalten mit Licht und Schatten" by Oliver Rausch.

Again I looked at my picture and I analysed the light. It's coming from the side and it lightens the greater side  of my face as I've turned my face to the right side.

This situation has some dangers:
1. The portrait can look boring as the cheek is an even suface with not much excitement.
2. In some cases the glance might go from the eye to the ear, which is in most cases not the intention to have the ear as the center of the picture.

It's possible to avoid these dangers. In the above case my hair covers the ear. A collar can cover the face.
Shadows or a collar or a beauty spot can have the effect to bring interesting aspects to the face.

The author recommended to look at a picture of Picasso by Penn as a good example: Here it is.

The paintings in the baroque era often show portraits of that kind: Have a look.

Sunday, May 19, 2013

Photowalk München

Stefanie Szillat hat einen Frauen Photowalk organisiert. Gestern habe sich 7 Frauen vor der Oper getroffen und sind durch die Stadt spaziert.

Neben dem Spaß neue begeisterte Fotografinnen kennen zu lernen sind auch ein paar schöne Bilder entstanden.

Hier ist mein "best of":

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